Transportation Equity

The CORE Transportation Equity Work Group works to bring equity to the Sacramento area transit system through examining transportation policy at the local, regional, and state level; assessing current regional policies as well as the distribution of transportation funding and the resulting effects on low-income communities.


Values and Vision

CORE works to increase the influence and power of lower income communities and communities of color in public policy and regional planning. CORE focuses on the linkage between health and the built environment, and how factors such as land use, food and habitat shape our communities. The coalition builds power by uniting sectors around a shared agenda for environmental, economic, and social justice. This shared vision enables CORE to hold decision makers accountable to lower income communities and communities of color in the region.

Sacramento Housing Alliance logo

Sacramento Housing Alliance

CORE is a project of the Sacramento Housing Alliance, a broad coalition of non-profit and for-profit housing developers, housing and homeless advocacy organizations, non-profit service providers, community groups, individuals and others interested in the housing needs of lower income families and individuals. SHA’s mission is to promote quality affordable housing and enhanced opportunities for lower income households and people who are homeless- through advocacy, education, and participation in public discourse.
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