AGENA – Natural Gas Storage

Sacramento Natural Gas Storage LLC has proposed to store 8 billion cubic feet of compressed natural gas in an existing geologic formation located under the Avondale Glen Elder Neighborhood. Over 90% of the affected residents are people of color and the community is in the 10th percentile in income nationally. There are significant health risks if there is seepage including accumulation of gas in structures and basements and contamination of the air and water. CORE is working with the neighborhood association to organize and inform community residents.

The Sacramento News and Review featured a very thorough and eye opening account of the struggles of the Avondale Glen Elder neighborhood against the potential siting of a 7 billion cubic foot natural gas storage facility under homes in this low-income community of color. Neighborhood residents, including Constance Slider, provide the human context to this potentially devastating proposal. To read the article, click here.

If you would like more information, or would like to become involved, contact CORE by calling (916) 455-4900.

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