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Values and Vision

Communities Share an Interconnected Vision for Success. Just growth is sustainable growth. Sustainable growth lifts up all communities while protecting and preserving natural habitats. Population and economic growth cannot come at the expense of certain neighborhoods, cities, groups, or natural habitats. Prosperity that benefits everyone is more just and sustainable.

All People Live in Communities of Opportunity. Where you live should not be such a strong determinant for your health outcomes, expected lifespan and salary. All communities should have access to good jobs and schools, affordable housing, open space and affordable transit.

All Voices are Included in the Decision Making Process. Lower income people and communities of color have often been excluded from decisions about the design of communities and investment of public resources. These decisions have a tremendous impact on the health and economic outcomes of their communities. Disadvantaged communities and poor people should have a voice at the table and representatives in leadership positions throughout the region.

Investment in Existing Communities and Infrastructure is a Priority. Our existing communities need investment and growth. As we invest in growth and infrastructure, this investment should be targeted towards existing communities in the region.


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